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Date of Birth: 4th January, 1985
Nationality: Japanese
Education: April 2000-March 2003
Fukuoka Chuo High School, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Work Experience:
15 January 2005 Started apprenticeship as a swordsmith under the 25th FUJIWARA Kanefusa
September 2010 Given a permission to make Japanese swords from the Director General of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan
October 2011 Started a workshop on my own

About My Workshop

Name of The Workshop: FUKUDOME Fusayuki's Japanese Sword Workshop
Representative: FUKUDOME Fusayuki
Address: Kamino 465, Seki city,
Gifu, 501-3203 Japan
Request: If you want to call at my workshop, please give me notice beforehand.