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Short swords

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Short swords
A short sword of my first work. The blade length is 8 SUNN 1 BU (about 9.84 inches) with no curve. The skin is a mixture of MASA-ME(straight grain) and ITA-ME(cross grain). HA-MONN(the pattern of the hardened edge) is GUNO-ME MIDARE(new shape of HA-MONN). I will add a more detailed plain explanation before long.

The others

KARI-MATAKARI-MATA(Double-pointed arrowhead)

KARI-MATA is a kind of YAZIRI(arrowhead) which is forked and has a edge between them. Heart-shaped openwork design is called I-NO-ME SUKASI(openwork of a wild boar's eye) and tradition says that it is for giving specters horror. Based on a old legend book, a KARI-MATA without I-NO-ME SUKASI is called a KO-KARI-MATA(a small KARI-MATA). On the contrary, an OO-KARI-MATA(a big KARI-MATA) is a big KARI-MATA in th same size of palm. And reason for being double-pointed is that these things were used for hunting by cutting a root of a bird's wing or a beast's foot.

YANAGI-BA HOU-TYOUYANAGI-BA HOU-TYOU(a slender kitchen knife for SASHI-MI)

The length is 7 SUNN(about 8.35 inches). I have made this at my friend's request. ZI-GANE(rather soft steel for the body) is from pure iron and OROSHI-GANE(suitable iron for sword making). It has been tempered and folded 4 times and as a result it has 64 layers at least. HA-GANE(hard steel suitable for edge) is made from TAMA-HAGANE(Japanese steel). It has been tempered and folded 8 times and as a result it has 1024 or more layers. Decorative carving of a lily is also the request.