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What is a swordsmith?

The swordsmith at the present time is a person who is given a permission to make Japanese swords from the Director General of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.

To be specific, you have to acquire practice as an apprentice for five and more years. After that you are able to have a training session called A Training Session for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords and Swordsmith Skills. It is an examination practically. The examination is conducted once a year and this duration is eight days.

    The content of the examination:
    The process is simplified in eight days.
    You have to make a short WAKIZASHI of SHINOGI-ZUKURI during the time.
    The length of the sword is one SHAKU three SUN, about 15.4 inches.
    Your work is checked and scored at each step of the process.
    Finally, you could pass the examination when you have got a score over a qualifying grade.

WAKIZASHI: A short sword, generally with a length between one to two SHAKU, 12 and 24 inches.
SHINOGI-ZUKURI: The blade has a ridge line, SHINOGI. Pass certificate